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Who we are...

Earth Alchemy is a non-profit, California based boutique collective of compassionate care providers dedicated to supplying patients with diagnosis specific cannabis oil protocols.  Along side our fully lab tested, medical grade organic cannabis oil we offer full patient care and support throughout your time with us. Our holistic patient first approach also works symbiotically with doctors who want to integrate cannabis oil therapies into their patient's health care protocols. From preventative care to critical illness, we offer a trustworthy caregiving service for all of our patients. 


Since each individual's response to cannabis oil is unique, we take a "one on one" approach to patient care that is based on what we call our Trust Walk.  This allows for dosing of both tinctures and Full Extract Cannabis Oils (FECO) to ensure the best rate of success.  We do not practice medicine nor do we interfere with medical protocols. Together with doctors we track each individual's response and success while using our products. Because our protocols are diagnosis specific, we walk through the dosing of every individual on a compassionate and personal level. Through our direct approach with members of our collective, we educate and support patients AND their families until trust is established.

Earth Alchemy "DNA"

At Earth Alchemy we know our responsibility within your life.  We take what we do very seriously as at the end of the day we are YOU. Our company is rooted in support and care and these are the hallmarks of who we are.

As with any alternative treatment protocol there are a lot of questions, some fears and we are there beside you to create an environment of partnership.  

We like to believe that we are your partners through your protocol, there to assist in any way needed.... We assist our members through these times in life with a helping hand.

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Client Testimonials

"I can honestly say that I cured myself of prostate cancer thanks to Suzanne's knowledge, understanding and compassion in the field of using cannabis oil to restore good health.  Suzanne's personal input to my specific medical needs, her availability to answer questions one on one and her compassion and kindness as a caregiver have led me to refer friends and family members who have the need for her expertise in better health through cannabis. "

Steve Bourgeois

"I've struggled with health issues after 50....high blood pressure, anxiety, arthritis, hip pain, as well as dealing with abnormal pap smears the last coupe of years. I wanted a more natural, holistic medicine and started taking Earth Alchemy oils last year. I am absolutely astounded at the results.  My blood pressure has come down to a point where my doctor feels I may no longer need to take my prescriptive drug. My arthritis is non existent, hip pain is gone and my paps are 100% clear over the past year. I feel 50 going on 30, all thanks to Suzanne's amazing medicine and care. I am thankful to her and the Earth Alchemy team for providing this life changing product."

Amy Yeung

"My mother was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage 4 cancer 3 months ago, it seems like 3 years.  Cancer is silent and strikes when you least expect. We didn't know what to do and the clock was ticking against us. After searching a lot of videos I was given Suzanne's email. I felt like I was immediately speaking to someone knowledgeable that could help me, she gave me hope. After starting the FECO oil my mother started eating again, she went from sleeping 2 hours to 9 hours and within a week she stopped taking any pain medication. She is now more and more active and getting back to her normal life. Antony calls us or drops us an email at least twice a week. to understand how things are progressing. We feel we are in very good hands and I thank god we found them."

Antonio Felner

Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Full Extract Cannabis Oil